Mission Impossible - Primary / Juniors

Mission Impossible – Week 9 – PJ

Even mean King Herod was a part of God fulfilling prophecy. It was one of the signs that we would know that Jesus was the One.

Mission Impossible – Week 8 – PJ

What would have been like for Mary to meet an angel who told her she’d be Mum to the Son of God? Crazy right? And yet she knew what God had promised through the prophet Isaiah – and when God says it, it happens!

Mission Impossible – Week 7 – PJ

We hear a lot about the government at the moment. Yet the prophet’s words were fulfilled in Jesus and it’s good to remember that the government shall be upon HIS shoulder – He is THE ONE in control.

God's Promises - Early Childhood

God’s Promises – Week 9 – EC

So why do we celebrate Christmas? That Jesus was born in a stable, a God’s son? In a stable? He came to show us He loves us.

God’s Promises – Week 8 – EC

As we look at the Christmas story with our early childhood kids, we see God’s promises to look after us held true for Mary and Joseph, and they will for us.

God’s Promises – Week 7 – EC

God promised to Mary that she would have a baby, and she did. Another promise that we see God has kept. He is faithful.

My Purpose - Primary / Juniors

My Purpose – Week 10 – PJ

God has given us the tool of evangelism to touch others lives, but how do we share our God colours?

Fruit of the Spirit - Early Childhood

Fruit of the Spirit – Week 10 – EC

What is joy! And how do we grow joy in our lives?

The Fight - Primary / Juniors

The Fight – Week 12 – PJ

We can think telling others is too scary or too hard. Our confidence is in God and who we represent

The Fight – Week 11 – PJ

It’s powerful the difference it makes when we pray. That helps us win the battle every time!

The Fight – Week 10 – PJ

How do we use the sword of the Spirit? It cuts through to the heart of a situation.

Armour of God - Early Childhood

Armour of God – Week 12 – EC

When we put on our God armour, we represent Jesus. And everything he does for us, we need to do for others.  

Armour of God – Week 11 – EC

Prayer is so important to help us each day to know what to do, and to encourage us to keep doing good things.

Armour of God – Week 10 – EC

We don’t use the sword of the Spirit to hurt people but to help them to set them free and speak words that make them well.

House of Bread

House of Bread – Week 10 – EC

After he rose from the dead, Jesus spent more time with the disciples, and he gave them a special job. Find out what it is!

House of Bread – Week 10 – PJ

As Jesus was bread for us, now we are to be bread for others and give them God’s life!

House of Bread – Week 9 – PJ

Join Paul as he talks with our guest Kamal about Jesus rising again from the dead! It’s amazing!

Where Will I Meet You

Where Will I Meet You? – Week 4 – EC

Everyone would have seen the change in Paul’s life. They must have thought it was pretty crazy how Saul was now Paul, and he went from hurting Jesus’ friends, to becoming one of them!

Where Will I Meet You? – Week 4 – PJ

Sometimes God wants to make a public declaration, it can be a bit uncomfortable. But it’s never to embarrass. It’s about God revealing himself in a powerful way.

Where Will I Meet You? – Week 3 – EC

Sometimes God chooses to meet us when we’re on our way somewhere, because he really needs to get our attention. Sometimes we’re too busy doing things and going places to stop and take time to listen for God’s voice, so God has to stop us in our tracks.

The Three Unwise Men!

The 3 Unwise Men – Episode 1

The 3 Unwise Men want to make it to Bethlehem but Which Way should they go?

The 3 Unwise Men – Episode 2

As the 3 Unwise Men continue on their journey they have a few camel problems…

The 3 Unwise Men – Episode 3

Hmmm this following the star thing is tricky for our 3 Unwise Men!