The Fight - Primary / Juniors

The Fight – Week 2 – PJ

In our fight against fear, doubt and sickness we have help! God has given us an armour that helps protect us and as kids we can put it on each day and have a totally different day!

The Fight – Week 1 – PJ

Do you ever feel like things aren’t going great? This term is for you! We are excited to talk about the fight that the Bible tells us we’re in – and great news – we can win!

Armour of God - Early Childhood

Armour of God – Week 2 – EC

How do we protect ourselves against fear, anxiety and doubt? God has given us special protection!

Armour of God – Week 1 – EC

God wants us to win in life! We are excited to look at how we do that this term

House of Bread

House of Bread – Week 10 – EC

After he rose from the dead, Jesus spent more time with the disciples, and he gave them a special job. Find out what it is!

House of Bread – Week 10 – PJ

As Jesus was bread for us, now we are to be bread for others and give them God’s life!

House of Bread – Week 9 – PJ

Join Paul as he talks with our guest Kamal about Jesus rising again from the dead! It’s amazing!

Where Will I Meet You

Where Will I Meet You? – Week 4 – EC

Everyone would have seen the change in Paul’s life. They must have thought it was pretty crazy how Saul was now Paul, and he went from hurting Jesus’ friends, to becoming one of them!

Where Will I Meet You? – Week 4 – PJ

Sometimes God wants to make a public declaration, it can be a bit uncomfortable. But it’s never to embarrass. It’s about God revealing himself in a powerful way.

Where Will I Meet You? – Week 3 – EC

Sometimes God chooses to meet us when we’re on our way somewhere, because he really needs to get our attention. Sometimes we’re too busy doing things and going places to stop and take time to listen for God’s voice, so God has to stop us in our tracks.

The Three Unwise Men!

The 3 Unwise Men – Episode 1

The 3 Unwise Men want to make it to Bethlehem but Which Way should they go?

The 3 Unwise Men – Episode 2

As the 3 Unwise Men continue on their journey they have a few camel problems…

The 3 Unwise Men – Episode 3

Hmmm this following the star thing is tricky for our 3 Unwise Men!