Armour of God – Early Childhood12 Videos

Armour of God – Week 6 – EC

At Pentecost the Holy Spirit filled the disciples with power. This made them bold to speak out for Jesus!

Armour of God – Week 7 – EC

Jesus gives us a brand new start when we say yes to him and get water baptised.

Armour of God – Week 8 – EC

Do you want to keep your heart safe? The shield of faith that God gives us helps us to do that.

Armour of God – Week 9 – EC

What helps us protect our thinking? Well a helmet of course! Knowing what Jesus’ did for us protects our thoughts just like a helmet.

Armour of God – Week 10 – EC

We don’t use the sword of the Spirit to hurt people but to help them to set them free and speak words that make them well.

Armour of God – Week 11 – EC

Prayer is so important to help us each day to know what to do, and to encourage us to keep doing good things.

Armour of God – Week 1 – EC

God wants us to win in life! We are excited to look at how we do that this term

Armour of God – Week 12 – EC

When we put on our God armour, we represent Jesus. And everything he does for us, we need to do for others.  

Armour of God – Week 2 – EC

How do we protect ourselves against fear, anxiety and doubt? God has given us special protection!

Armour of God – Week 3 – EC

Belt of truth – what is truth? what is lies? And what does God actually say that we can be sure of?