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Favourite Favourite – PJ Week 6

So which favourite favourite do you think is Tash’s? Well do you remember exploring how God is light in the darkness with Nadine and her glow sticks? God calls us to be light to all those around us

Favourite Favourite – PJ Week 5

Two words for this one – Over Over! Anne’s favourite episode is where Joel and Paul explore the closeness and fun of the relationship God had with Adam in the garden of eden!

Favourite Favourite – PJ Week 4

Check out Selina’s Favourite Favourite of kids church – it’s Marvin! Jesus looks for us everywhere when we are also like lost sheep so that we can be found, how amazing!

Favourite Favourite – PJ Week 3

Join Faith for her Favourite episode of Kids church – it’s Zacchaeus!!! We hope you like it!!

Favourite Favourite – PJ Week 2

Nadine’s Favourite Favourite is how we looked at faith and miracles being a bit like a hammer. We can hit it once, but sometimes we have to keep hitting to see a miracle come about! Do you need a miracle today?

Favourite Favourite – PJ – Week 1

So which is your favourite favourite kids church episode? Paul loves this one about how God gives us direction in our lives.