God’s Promises10 Videos

God’s Promises – Week 10 – EC

The wise men followed the star to find Jesus, God kept His promise to send someone to rescue us.

God’s Promises – Week 9 – EC

So why do we celebrate Christmas? That Jesus was born in a stable, a God’s son? In a stable? He came to show us He loves us.

God’s Promises – Week 8 – EC

As we look at the Christmas story with our early childhood kids, we see God’s promises to look after us held true for Mary and Joseph, and they will for us.

God’s Promises – Week 7 – EC

God promised to Mary that she would have a baby, and she did. Another promise that we see God has kept. He is faithful.

God’s Promises – Week 6 – EC

Who will keep me safe? Well this week look at God’s promise – that He will keep us safe, no matter what we go through.

God’s Promises – Week 5 – EC

What am I meant to do when people break their promises? Well we go to the One who has promised that He is faithful.

God’s Promises – Week 4 – EC

Sometimes bad things happen in our world, and we have an opportunity to make it better. Maybe we have a choice to do the right thing. God promises to help us in those things.

God’s Promises – Week 3 – EC

What promise does God give us this week? That He will never leave us – what how confident does that make us!

God’s Promises Week 2 – EC

Do you ever think that God has left you? Well God promises that He will never leave us. Find out how the Israelites learnt that one.

God’s Promises – Week 1 – EC

Our early childhood theme this term is how God keeps His promises. So what are God’s promises, we’ll find out each week.