House of Bread – Early Childhood10 Videos

House of Bread – Week 10 – EC

After he rose from the dead, Jesus spent more time with the disciples, and he gave them a special job. Find out what it is!

House of Bread – Week 9 – EC

Today’s story is the Easter Story. We’ve got some special pictures. Each one tells part of the Easter story.

House of Bread – Week 8 – EC

So what did Jesus do when He died on the cross? And what do all the things that we see at Easter tell us?

House of Bread – Week 7 – EC

Jesus had a dinner with his disciples during a festival, and it was a special time to meet together. Jesus had something really important that he wanted to share with his disciples.

House of Bread – Week 6 – EC

So what does Jesus being the bread of life mean to us? Just like we need food for our tummies, we NEED Jesus!

House of Bread – Week 5 – EC

When we are hungry our mum, dad, grandparents, carers give us food. Do you know that God wants to give us food for our hearts? Jesus teaches us in the Bible to ask, to seek, and to knock and ask God for what we need.

House of Bread – Week 4 – EC

Jesus did a miracle when he fed 5,000 people with just 5 little loaves of bread and two little fish. He still does miracles today!

House of Bread – Week 3 – EC

When Jesus tells us to go do something, He will give us everything we need. It can be tricky to travel light but He will take care of us.

House of Bread – Week 2 – EC

We’ve been learning about how Jesus, God’s gift to us, is like bread. We eat bread that fills us our tummies. But the bread of life that Jesus gives, fills up our hearts.

House of Bread – Week 1 – EC

When we fill our lives with God’s good things, like praying to Him and reading the bible, we’ll be able to make good choices, and not get tempted too.