House of Bread – Primary Juniors10 Videos

House of Bread – Week 10 – PJ

As Jesus was bread for us, now we are to be bread for others and give them God’s life!

House of Bread – Week 9 – PJ

Join Paul as he talks with our guest Kamal about Jesus rising again from the dead! It’s amazing!

House of Bread – Week 8 – PJ

And so as we head into Easter Nadine talks about Jesus – the bread of life, who was broken for us. Our kids Good Friday message

House of Bread – Week 7 – PJ

So Jesus as the bread of life, shared bread and wine with his disciples as the last meal together before he died.

House of Bread – Week 6 – PJ

God the Father, Jesus, the angel Gabriel & Harold… all on a zoom meeting!!! Hmmm 🙂 But this week is about Jesus being the bread of life!

House of Bread – Week 5 – PJ

Luke 11 – Ask, Seek, Knock Jesus tells a parable about asking for bread in the night.We should ask God for bread – ask for what we need to sustain us physically and spiritually

House of Bread – Week 4 – PJ

Jesus feeds 5000 – He took what the boy gave – 5 loaves and 2 fish and gave to the disciples to distribute. There was more than enough! How? Find out more!

House of Bread – Week 3 – PJ

Jesus calls us to Go! We are not to have our focus on the bread we need but that we rely on God. God will provide when we He commands us to go.

House of Bread – Week 2 – PJ

Jesus came so that the bread of life was for all – not just a few! The Holy place is for all. Jesus doesn’t pick and choose who can receive the bread like we might do for who can/can’t come to a party!

House of Bread – Week 1 – PJ

Even when we’re doing the right thing, The devil tempts us with things that will take us away from our God given purpose. – His Word/bread will sustain and keep us strong