Jump into Action – Early Years12 Videos

Jump Into Action – The Pharisee and Tax Collector – Week 12 EC

It’s great to be really good at things, but do we then make others feel small? Let’s join Fionna and celebrate them instead!

Jump Into Action – The Great Banquet – Week 11 EC

Do we make excuses or do we tell the truth every time? Let’s be ones who tell the truth

Jump Into Action – Lost Sheep – Week 10 EC

MARVIN IS LOST! Oh no what will Karyn do? She will look for him until she finds him, just like God looks for us!

Jump Into Action – Friend at Midnight – Week 9 EC

We can keep asking God, in fact Jesus tells a story that encourages us to keep asking God!

Jump Into Action – Good Samaritan – Week 8 EC

Will you stop and help someone? Today we hear from Rachel the story of the Good Samaritan – would you have been like him?

Jump Into Action – Wise man/Foolish Man – Week 7 EC

Do you get scared in a storm? Sometimes life can seem scary, join Fiona to find out what we can do.

Jump Into Action – Unmerciful Servant – Week 5 EC

Jesus told a great story about a man who was let off something, but then he made someone else pay! Join Renae in kids church today.

Jump Into Action – Talents – Week 4 EC

What are you good at? Is it being kind? Is it being helpful? God wants us to use these things in every way that we can.

Jump Into Action – Small things, Big Impact – Week 3 EC

Ever think the world is too big to make a difference? But Jesus shows us how small things can make a big difference! Join Jess in kids church today!