Jump into Action – Primary Juniors12 Videos

Jump Into Action – Pharisee and Tax Collector – Week 12 PJ

The Pharisee looked down on the tax collector because he thought he was better – do we do the same? Let’s be real!

Jump Into Action – Telling the Truth – Week 11 PJ

Do we tell the truth? Every time? Jesus told a story where people didn’t tell the truth see what happens today in kids church with Amy

Jump Into Action – The Lost Coin – Week 10 PJ

Did you know God sees us as so very precious to Him, find out with Faith this week how precious!

Jump Into Action – Good Samaritan – Week 8 PJ

At your service! I’m here to help! Is this our attitude? To be like the good samaritan? Or to just keep walking past thinking it’s not my problem?

Jump Into Action – Foolish Man/Wise Man – Week 7 PJ

It’s competition time – but who will win – the wise man or the foolish man? Join Chris today to find out what happens when a storm comes!

Jump Into Action – Baptism – Week 6 PJ

Have you been baptised? It is one powerful way that we can respond to Jesus’ call on our lives! If He did it, surely we should too!

Jump Into Action – Unmerciful Servant – Week 5 PJ

Do you know the stories Jesus told? One is about a servant who was forgiven a debt but then made someone else pay, Jesus said we are to pass it on! He has forgiven us lots so we should forgive others too. Join Renae in kids church today.

Jump Into Action – Talents – Week 4 – PJ

What talents have you got? Maybe you smile really great? Maybe you can help people really well? We should use what God has given us!

Jump Into Action – Small Actions, Big Impact – Week 3 PJ

It’s time for some science with Nadine!!!! We might think what we do is small, but with God it can make a really big impact!