Mission Impossible10 Videos

Mission Impossible – Week 10 – PJ

God knew all the details, even down to choosing a small/unknown/belittled place to be the greatest. He chose every detail, and it went just as He said it would

Mission Impossible – Week 9 – PJ

Even mean King Herod was a part of God fulfilling prophecy. It was one of the signs that we would know that Jesus was the One.

Mission Impossible – Week 8 – PJ

What would have been like for Mary to meet an angel who told her she’d be Mum to the Son of God? Crazy right? And yet she knew what God had promised through the prophet Isaiah – and when God says it, it happens!

Mission Impossible – Week 7 – PJ

We hear a lot about the government at the moment. Yet the prophet’s words were fulfilled in Jesus and it’s good to remember that the government shall be upon HIS shoulder – He is THE ONE in control.

Mission Impossible Week 6 – PJ

Where is there hope in our world? Well the prophet Daniel foretold that there was one coming, a promised one who is anointed and a prince of peace. And Jesus was that one. He’s the One who brings us hope and peace

Mission Impossible Week 5 – PJ

Join Philip as he realises that Jesus IS God, just like Zechariah foretold. If we see and know Jesus, then we have seen and we know God. How amazing!

Mission Impossible Week 4 – PJ

Is your life dark sometimes? Isaiah foretold that when Jesus came He would be light and there would be no more darkness. If you want Jesus’ light in your life watch with us this week.

Mission Impossible Week 3 – PJ

So Jesus came for the Lost Sheep of Israel – do you feel lost? Zaccheaus did, but then Jesus found him!

Mission Impossible Week 2 – PJ

When Ezekiel predicted that Jesus would rebuild God’s temple noone really knew what that meant. But Jesus did just that, and He still does – building God’s house is His work.

Mission Impossible – Week 1 – PJ

welcome to our new theme this term – Mission Impossible!!! Did Jesus really fulfil everything that the prophets said hundreds of years ago?