My Purpose – Primary Juniors12 Videos

My Purpose – Week 10 – PJ

God has given us the tool of evangelism to touch others lives, but how do we share our God colours?

My Purpose – Week 9 – PJ

What is serving and how do we use the tool of serving that God gives us. Reaching out and helping each other.

My Purpose – Week 8 – PJ

Have you ever wanted to know how to be make people welcome and build great friendships? This is a gift God gives. Find out more in kids church today.

My Purpose – Week 7 – PJ

What has a saw got to do with tongues and interpretation? This is God’s tool to help us communicate clearly with heaven and with each other!

My Purpose – Week 6 – PJ

Grace covers each others mistakes and compassion expresses care. How are grace and compassion a tool that God gives us to help others?

My Purpose – Week 5 – PJ

Join Paul as he takes his hammer and explores God’s tool of healing and miracles. Have you been healed from something? Know how to expect a miracle!

My Purpose – Week 4 – PJ

This week Joel is talking about the tool of wisdom and knowledge that God gives us and how to use it.

My Purpose – Week 3 – PJ

Encouragement is like a file, it smooths edges, and helps our relationships work smoothly.