Praise and Worship Primary Juniors20 Videos

EKidz – Faithful One

A song by Elevation Worship for kids about God’s faithfulness. It’s great to hear kids singing how God is always there, and always loves us.

Planetshakers – Let’s Go!

A great Planetshakers song about living a life for God that is full of energy and LIFE! Let’s Go!!!

C3BD Kids – You are Good

By Jonathan Hunt, CCLI 5332919 Sung by our C3Kids band, a song full of God’s goodness – all the time He is good to us.

Gateway Kids – Higher than the Sky

Gateway Kids singing how God and His love is and deeper than anything we know.

Jesus Culture – Miracle in the works

If you’re looking for a miracle, get ready as you raise your expectation in worshipping the One for whom nothing is impossible

The Belonging Co – Zeal

A song about God about how we so completely love and follow Him – as adults and kids

Phil Wickham – Battle Belongs

A song about God who helps us to win in life – as adults and kids

planetboom – Run To You (Lyrics)

If you don’t feel safe this is the best song for you. We love singing this with the kids as they declare that they are safe in God’s hands.

Tunbury Wells Christchurch – Godsuit on

A song to help teach kids all the different parts of the armour that God gives us – to remind us to put our Godsuit on!

CJ & Friends – Peace Like a River

CJ & Friends have reworked an old song about having peace, joy and love in our lives and how those things are deep inside of us!