Running into Worship – Early Childhood11 Videos

Running into Worship – How do you praise and worship God – Week 11 EC

How do you express your worship to God? Find out with Alena today in kids church

Running into Worship – Hearing + Obeying God – Week 10 EC

Can you hear God and do what He says? Find out today in kids church how to with Jess!

Running Into Worship – David and the threshing floor – Week 9 EC

Do you like things for free? So do we, but when we come to giving to God we give Him our very best! Join Anne today for kids church

Running into Worship – Focussing on God – Week 8 – EC

How do we learnt to be with God? King David learnt in all he had to do to be quiet with God to be able to hear Him.

Running into Worship – Making time to Worship God – Week 7 – EC

We can get so busy playing and having fun that we forget to spend time with God. Rachel helps us in kids church to remember to make time for Him

Running Into Worship – Pentecost Sunday – Week 6 – EC

Join us in kids church today as Paul talks about what it was like at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came.

Running into Worship – Praise & Thanks – Week 5 – EC

King David wrote songs to tell God how he loves him, we can sing songs to tell God we love Him too

Running into Worship – David showed his Praise – Week 4 – EC

How did King David praise God? Well Jess shows us today how King David didn’t care what anyone else thought, he just wanted to show God how much he loved Him! No matter how silly others might think him!

Running into Worship – David and Goliath – Week 3 – EC

How can I be brave? Find out with Karyn about how David was brave against a big giant because he had learnt how to praise God

Running into Worship – David and the Bear – Week 2 – EC

How did praise help King David when he faced a bear?