Running into Worship – Primary Juniors11 Videos

Running into Worship – Interview with Alena + Michelle – Week 11 PJ

How do you express your worship to God? It’s interview time! Paul is interviewing Alena and Michelle who love to dance and draw and how that’s an expression of worship for them.

Running into Worship – Plans for the Temple – Week 10 PJ

King David really really wanted to build a temple for God but God told him his son was the one to build it. So King David gave Solomon all the plans!!!! Will we give God even our dreams? Find out in kids church!

Running into Worship – David and the threshing floor – Week 9 PJ

Our God is worth our very best worship, so today we are looking at how King David gave God his very best worship. Will you give God your best worship?

Running into Worship – Focussing on God – Week 8 – PJ

Are you distracted? How do you stop being distracted and focus on God? Join Brock to find out how.

Running into Worship – David Waited – Week 7 – PJ

Our time is so precious, but what do we do with it? Well King David waited on God, and join Amy as she explores in kids church how we can wait on God too.

Running Into Worship – Pentecost Sunday – Week 6 – PJ

Want more power, more fire, more comfort in your life? What happened on the first Pentecost sunday will lead us into getting more of these Holy Spirit elements in our lives.

Running into Worship – Praise & Thanks – Week 5 – PJ

Why do we thank God? It helps us remember all the things He has done for us. What can you remember? Find out today in kids church!

Running into Worship – Undignified – Week 4 – PJ

Do we care what other people think, or do we praise God no matter what? Anne brings a challenge in kids church today about how we can praise God like no one else is around.

Running into Worship – David and Goliath – Week 3 – PJ

Praising God for who He is helps us when we come up against things that are scary or intimidate us!

Running into Worship – David’s Drums – Week 2 – PJ

So David has hit the drums this week to help us understand how we can give God our worries through praise!