Standing on Truth – Early Years10 Videos

Christmas Episode – Week 10

The Christmas story for kids! A lot of fun, but not always historically accurate!!!! We hope you enjoy it 🙂

Standing on Truth – Week 9 – EC

Join Fiona as she tells the Christmas story of how Jesus came to be born – how God came to earth to be with us.

Standing on Truth – Week 8 – EC

This is a truth we can really hold onto – God is with me, and we see that as we come into Christmas knowing that Jesus has another name which means God’s with us. How incredible!

Standing on Truth – Week 7 – EC

God is with me – that’s this week’s truth and what an incredible one it is. No matter where we go or what we do, God is with me. So I don’t need to be afraid or unsure.

Standing on Truth – Week 6 – EC

Does God really have a plan for me? Yes! Join Jess to find out more.

Standing on Truth – Week 5 – EC

Do you ever feel alone? Well today’s truth is about how the Holy Spirit is with me – all the time!

Standing On Truth – Week 4 – EC

Today’s truth is God strengthens us – and it’s not about having the biggest muscles Paul!

Standing On Truth – Week 3 – EC

Did you know that God guides us – find out today how it’s a bit like a Lighthouse guides a boat safely to land.

Standing On Truth – EC – Week 2

So what else is truth that we can stand on? That God loves us! Yes He really does! Find out more today with Amy.

Standing on Truth – EC – Week 1

Todays truth is I have a place to hide in God. No matter what is going on in our life we can hide in Him