The Fight – Primary Juniors12 Videos

The Fight – Week 12 – PJ

We can think telling others is too scary or too hard. Our confidence is in God and who we represent

The Fight – Week 11 – PJ

It’s powerful the difference it makes when we pray. That helps us win the battle every time!

The Fight – Week 10 – PJ

How do we use the sword of the Spirit? It cuts through to the heart of a situation.

The Fight – Week 9 – PJ

Do you have bad thoughts? Are you not sure who you really are? Jesus’ rescue helps us be sure of who we are and protect our thinking. Find out how.

The Fight – Week 8 – PJ

Protect your heart from lies and things that would seek to hurt us, the shield of faith is God’s armour to enable us to protect our hearts

The Fight – Week 7 – PJ

If you want to change your life Jesus tells us that water baptism is God’s way of our old lives being buried and we get a brand new life, a brand new start!

The Fight – Week 6 – PJ

The Holy Spirit wants to fill you up with His power, the same way He filled the disciples on the day of Pentecost – they became bold and changed the world! You can too!

The Fight – Week 5 – PJ

Have you ever felt uncertain? Or like you can’t win? We win in life when we have God’s shoes of the gospel of peace on our feet! Find out how!

The Fight – Week 4 – PJ

In life our hearts can get hurt – at home at school. So how do we protect our hearts? God gives us something amazing to protect our hearts! Right living helps our hearts stay good.

The Fight – Week 3 – PJ

Belt of truth – what is truth? what is lies? How can we know what to be sure about in our lives?