Walk by Faith – Early Years12 Videos

Walk by Faith – Doubting Thomas – Week 12 – EC

What do you think Thomas thought about whether Jesus rose from the dead? Find out today at kids church

Walk by Faith – Easter – Week 11 – EC

Jesus coming back to life is great for us as we can then know God. Celebrate with us at kids church today!

Walk by Faith – Palm Sunday – Week 10 – ALL

What did palm sunday look like as Jesus rode into Jerusalem? Well in this different episode of kids church you’ll get to see what it would have looked like!

Walk by Faith – Priest in the Tabernacle – Week 9 – EC

God says we can come into His presence, how amazing is that! But how do we do it? Find out how the priests had to get ready in todays kids church

Walk by Faith – The Tabernacle – Week 8 – EC

Is that Nadine? She does talk funny! But this week she’s pretending to be one of the people who built God’s tabernacle. How amazing is that!

Walk by Faith – Israelite Women – Week 7 – EC

What happens when we meet with God? Find out with Fiona this week, what happened when Moses met with God.

Walk by Faith – Moses – Week 6 – EC

What would it have been like for Moses to meet with God on the mountain? Find out in kids church today!

Walk by Faith – The Israelites – Week 5 – EC

It would have been scary for the Israelites to have seen and heard the Egyptian chariots chasing them and the Israelites knew they were trapped – but when it’s scary God has other plans!

Walk by Faith – An Egyptian – Week 4 – EC

We reckon the Egyptians wouldn’t have liked losing their slaves but they would have worked out that the Israelites had a really big God!

Walk by Faith – An Israelite – Week 3 – EC

What was it like to be set free by God after a really really long time in slavery? Find out in this weeks’ kids church