Walk by Faith – Primary Juniors12 Videos

Walk by Faith – Doubting Thomas – Week 12 – PJ

I Don’t Believe You! That was Thomas’ words to the other disciples when they told him that they’d seen Jesus! What do you believe?

Walk by Faith – Easter – Week 11 – PJ

Happy Easter!!!! What a great day it is that we remember that Jesus rose from the dead!

Walk by Faith – Palm Sunday – Week 10 – ALL

What did palm sunday look like as Jesus rode into Jerusalem? Well in this different episode of kids church you’ll get to see what it would have looked like!

Walk by Faith – Priest in the Tabernacle – Week 9 – PJ

What is it like to come into God’s presence? Well the priests in the Old Testament had a great understanding of what it took to prepare to be with God. Find out what they had to say in kids church today!

Walk by Faith – The Tabernacle – Week 8 – PJ

All of those detailed plans that God gave, it was no small task to build the tabernacle. And everyone had their part to play. God still calls us to a big task, will you play your part?

Walk by Faith – Israelite Women – Week 7 – PJ

Moses was up Mt Sinai for ages. What happens to us when we meet God? What would it have been like for the Israelites to be waiting for him to come back down?

Walk by Faith – Moses – Week 6 – PJ

Did you ever wonder what it was like to meet with God face to face? Moses found out when He went up Mt Sinai

Walk by Faith – The Israelites – Week 5 – PJ

Do you get scared at times? Imagine what it was like for the Israelites to have seen and heard the Egyptian chariots chasing them and the Israelites knew they were trapped – but when it’s scary God has other plans!

Walk by Faith – An Egyptian – Week 4 – PJ

What would it have been like for the Egyptians losing all their slaves? Although they wanted the plagues to stop, they wanted to hang onto God’s people!

Walk by Faith – An Israelite – Week 3 – PJ

Have you ever been limited by something and not able to get free? Well imagine having your Dad, his Dad, his Dad and his Dad all the way back 430 years of being slaves and then YOU get free!!!!! How exciting! Join us to meet an Israelite who got freed this week in kids church