Where Will I Meet You? – Early Childhood4 Videos

Where Will I Meet You? – Week 4 – EC

Everyone would have seen the change in Paul’s life. They must have thought it was pretty crazy how Saul was now Paul, and he went from hurting Jesus’ friends, to becoming one of them!

Where Will I Meet You? – Week 3 – EC

Sometimes God chooses to meet us when we’re on our way somewhere, because he really needs to get our attention. Sometimes we’re too busy doing things and going places to stop and take time to listen for God’s voice, so God has to stop us in our tracks.

Where Will I Meet You? – Week 2 – EC

God is still real today. God can still come and meet with you. He might not come as a big cloud and storm, but if he met with the Israelites in the desert, He can meet with you wherever you are.

Where Will I Meet You? – Week 1 – EC

Sometimes God wants to talk to us soooo much, that he won’t just stay in heaven. He will come and meet with you, wherever you are.