Where Will I Meet You – Primary Juniors4 Videos

Where Will I Meet You? – Week 4 – PJ

Sometimes God wants to make a public declaration, it can be a bit uncomfortable. But it’s never to embarrass. It’s about God revealing himself in a powerful way.

Where Will I Meet You? – Week 3 – PJ

it was in Saul’s mission/his going that God stopped him. He could have turned up in Jerusalem but He doesn’t, its on the way

Where Will I Meet You? – Week 2 – PJ

God knew where the Israelites were. He came to meet them where they were at, to give them a purpose, direction, and guidance. Sometimes we can find ourselves without a purpose, but God knows where we are.

Where Will I Meet You? – Week 1 – PJ

God spoke to Moses through a burning bush and at that point God gave Moses a new purpose, a mandate to take the Hebrews from slavery to freedom.