praise & worship - early childhood

This week's selection

C3BD Kids – Rainbow Song

by Jess Johns. Sing with kids about how God made colour and how He makes our world colourful.

Say to the Lord I love you

A beautiful song about how we express our love for God

Sunday School Songs – The wise man built his house

A great song with actions that tells the story that Jesus told about the wise man and the foolish man – where do you have your foundations?

All Praise & Worship

C3BD Kids – Body Song

by Jess Johns. A song for kids about how God has made us.

C3BD Kids – God Loves You

By Jess Johns. A song about how much God loves you.

C3BD Kids – How I Praise

Song by Planetshakers. A whole lot of excitement for how I can praise God in an amazing and abandoned way! Our kids in kids church LOVE this song!