Fruit of the Spirit – Week 3 – EC

How do we show love to each other? With God’s love we can love someone even when they’ve not made good choices, like Zacchaeus

My Purpose – Week 3 – PJ

Encouragement is like a file, it smooths edges, and helps our relationships work smoothly.

My Purpose – Week 2 – PJ

So what tool does God give us this week? Prophecy! Which is hearing God and speaking out what we hear!

Fruit of the Spirit – Week 2 – EC

Find out how Zacchaeus found God’s love and how God’s love changed his life!

Kidspring Children – Fruit of the Spirit

By Newspring Worship. A fun song for kids about following Jesus.

The Belonging Co – Zeal

A song about God about how we so completely love and follow Him – as adults and kids

My Purpose – Week 1 – PJ

What is our purpose? To live a life that pleases God – and God gives us everything we need to do it!

Fruit of the Spirit – Week 1 – EC

God wants to help us grow and so He puts fruit by His spirit in our lives – what are they?

The Fight – Week 12 – PJ

We can think telling others is too scary or too hard. Our confidence is in God and who we represent

Armour of God – Week 12 – EC

When we put on our God armour, we represent Jesus. And everything he does for us, we need to do for others.