Armour of God – Week 2 – EC

How do we protect ourselves against fear, anxiety and doubt? God has given us special protection!

The Fight – Week 2 – PJ

In our fight against fear, doubt and sickness we have help! God has given us an armour that helps protect us and as kids we can put it on each day and have a totally different day!

The Fight – Week 1 – PJ

Do you ever feel like things aren’t going great? This term is for you! We are excited to talk about the fight that the Bible tells us we’re in – and great news – we can win!

Armour of God – Week 1 – EC

God wants us to win in life! We are excited to look at how we do that this term

House of Bread – Week 10 – EC

After he rose from the dead, Jesus spent more time with the disciples, and he gave them a special job. Find out what it is!